The American Dream


East egg is presented as the false of the american dream a these people have been born into the dream. They have done nothing to achieve this success and have been given the opportunity that most people do not get. For example Tom. Tom is from a wealthy family and was born into it, he has done nothing to get their he has just keep his high status. This is described as old money.


West Egg- These people have “bootlegged” their way to the top but never are fully accepted by the “old money”/ high social group. His is because these people are “new money” THey are not born into the money so they don’t have the high social status as the old money because of this. At one point in their fe they would have been either poor or middle class. They can not lose this status and it stucks with them. An example of this is Gatsby. E cam efrom a poor family. He then got into the trade of achl, making big money eventually being rich. Although he had a lot of money, Daisy still didn’t want to be fully with him  because of his previous stats. This illustrates to us that the people from east egg are the corrupt part of the american dream They have worked so hard to ge to the top but have still failed because of their past and how they are new money.


Valley of Ashes- The valley ashes is a very poor place . Those people work hard on the daily but the reward they egt is nothing. They stay in the place and cant get out because of how they are the part of failure in the american dream. No matter how much work and effort they put into their work, they will never move out of the poor sector. Hey will continue to fail. Wilson is a example of this as he works really hard but stays in the valley of ashes. He has no control over how he turns out as he will stay in the valley of ashes. This presents us how the valley of ashes is the failure of the american dream.


New York- New york is the pace where they can escape from reality.  Anything is possible there or at least if feels like this. This is the illusion of the american dream. This displayed in the book with Myrtle. Myrtle is wilson wife where they live in the valley of ashes. She has an affair with Tom. They have an apartment in New york. His illustrates to us that this is her escape place from reality as the apartment has everything she wants like the dog.


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