1 Describe three key characters and explain how they change throughout the novel.   

Nick carraway- Nick is the narrator of the book and says as his first impression that he is inclined to reserve all judgments”. This means that he thinks of himself as a non-judgemental person. Although I disagree as near the start of the book he makes a judgement on Tom Buchanan saying “two shining arrogant eyes”. This makes my view on Nick a little less trustworthy as already he has lied. As Nick being the narrator I think that throughout most of the book except for a couple of times is he is on the outside looking in. As the book goes on, I feel Nick  gets into the group then gets more and more distance from the group of Daisy, Tom and Gatsby. When Nick was with Tom, Myrtle and others at the apartment in New York, he was part of it and in amongst it. This was at the start end of the book. But when he was with Tom, Daisy and Gatsby at the motel in town, He was distant from the conversation and was like he wasn’t even there as no one acknowledged him. A quote from the book was that Nick said was “I just remembered that to-day’s my birthday”. This backs up my statement as no one noticed that it was his birthday as he is an outsider of the group that tags along.

Gatsby- Gatsby is a key character throughout the book as the green light revolves around him and Daisy. Gatsby doesn’t change that much through the book but the views that people hold and the judgements people made of him change especially Nick. Nicks view is the one that we see Gatsby from and is the view and perception that we see changes in throughout the book. At the start of the book, Gatsby past life and current life varied depending who view it was. No one actually knew him well enough and he was mysterious. At the first party Nick attended, Nick was told certain rumors about Gatsby like “Somebody told me they thought he killed a man”,  “He was a German spy during the war” and that he grew up in Germany. Then through the book to about 3/4 the way through, Nick’s view on Gatsby was very similar to his view at the start. It changed in knowing that Gatsby was an Oxford man and that he and Daisy use to be a thing As he found out when Daisy, Nick and Gatsby had lunch. At the end of the book, Nick finds out Gatsby past life and this changes his view on Gatsby. Gatsby feel of security and vulnerability changes throughout the book. As people start to find more and more about him, he feels less and less secure and more vulnerable to things. This is shown by him losing his temper at the motel when him, Nick, Tom and Daisy go into town. Tom starts to reveal Gatsby past life and what he has done. Gatsby then rages out. This displays that Gatsby is started to feel less secure and doesn’t want people to know about his shady past life.

Daisy- Daisy wants changes throughout the book and what she cares most about. At the start, she follows her heart/love and starts to figure u that she wants to be with Gatsby. She realises that Gatsby is not the same wealth that he use to be and has money. She likes that Gatsby did all the effort for her .A quote from he book that Daisy said as “I wish it could always be like this”. This indicates to us that she has chosen that he doesn’t care about the status of Gatsby and his poor upbringing but cares about who he has become today. Although this changes as Gatsby lashes out and also when myrtle died. This is when Daisy become scared and has to decide which means she falls back into Toms safety, status and money. This is shown as she doesnt call or send flowers for Gatsby firnel. This shows her personality of being careless and that when things get messed u, she will retreat back into her wealth and high secure status of Tom.

Daisy & Gatsby relationship- Daisy and Gatsby relationship is a false idea of them being together. This stays throughout the whole book. Their relationship starts with Gatsby being in the army, having a uniform . Daisy thought of him as w wealthy man as he was wearing the uniform. Once Gatsby revealed his true self, Gatsby left saying he would come back to her when his is wealthy and high status. This becomes Gatsby to almost come obsessed with becoming successful and he is very motviated. although their relationship takes abad turn when Daisy is sick of waiting and marries are wealthy man that was born into his money, Tom Buchanan; Gatsby comes back to daisy as a wealthy man, but daisy has chosen the “old money”. This illustrated the american dream as some people are born into it and some have to work really hard but still fail.

Daisy & Nick- Daisy is Nicks seocnd cousin once removed. nick forst sees daisy as a beautiflu inoccent person who has married very highly.









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  1. Sam,

    I want to see you include more analysis about why some of your observations are important or significant.
    You have some good uses of evidence but make sure this is consistent.

    I think your discussion around Daisy could be refined and improved. Think about each character and your perception of them in the beginning of the book, the middle and the end. Do your observations and opinions of them change at all in those stages? Why?

    Towards the end when you begin to get into your character analysis, your writing becomes very “plot driven”. As a way to move away from this, try to select three quotes from the book that you think define the relationship and provide an analysis of these quotes as a way of driving your work.


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