The Protagonist takes a similar journey. 

Gatsby grows up in the middle-east with not a lt of money. He then leaves the family behind and becomes rich and famous. He then becomes obsessed with a girl (Daisy) and builds his life for her. They take a break fr years but then come together again and fall in love

Dexter grows up with not a lot of money either. He starts up his new life and becomes rich. He then finds a girl that he eveoles his life around for a period of time. They have a romantic period but then they split up for a time. They then find each other and rekindle their love for each other.

The difference between the two main characters is that Dexter ends his feelings for Judy at the end of the book unlike Gatsby who can’t let go of Daisy and stays “obsessed”.

The use of the colour gold

In the Great Gatsby book, the use f the color gold is used to describe Daisy as a golden girl. A girl that is special and everyone admires. A girl of high tatus and that evry mean wants

This is the same for the Winter Dream book as Judy is described with references to the colour gold. The colour gd is symbolising that she is popular and that every man wants.

The difference between the two is that Judy is more of a “player” and goes from man to man where Daisy was in a situation where she had to choose between two men.

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