Mise en Scene- The arrangements of anything visual in the frame Lighting- Light that can be a variant anges of places that have an effect on the mood and help convey the ideas and characters mood. High key and low key are the two lighting types. Symbolism- collections of related metaphors of symbols that are […]

Flying into the unknown with the feeling of uncertainty of leaving the safety and warmth of being at home. Flying with people who will have a different perspective of how things should be done. Basically flying with people that might like to live a different lifestyle to me. Although these thoughts were roaming around inside […]

The Protagonist takes a similar journey.  Gatsby grows up in the middle-east with not a lt of money. He then leaves the family behind and becomes rich and famous. He then becomes obsessed with a girl (Daisy) and builds his life for her. They take a break fr years but then come together again and […]

West Egg- Valley of Ashes- failed New York- opportunity/illusion `F. Scott Fitzgerald critics society through his language feature in the Great Gatsby Novel by using setting. He shows the idea of how the American dream is False (valley of ashes), illusion (New York) and corrupt (West Egg). The American dream is the dream that everyone […]

The valley of ashes is a setting in the Great Gatsby that illustrates the failure part of The American Dream. The American Dream is the dream where everyone has equal opportunities and that hard work pays off. The valley of ashes is the failure as these people work so hard but they gain nothing out […]

The American Dream   East egg is presented as the false of the american dream a these people have been born into the dream. They have done nothing to achieve this success and have been given the opportunity that most people do not get. For example Tom. Tom is from a wealthy family and was […]

Water 3 quotes from the book that describe water: “it’s stopped raining”. “has it ?” “If it wasn’t for the mist we could see your home across the bay,” said Gatsby. “You always have a green light that burns all night at the end of your dock.” After the house we were supposed to see the […]

1 Describe three key characters and explain how they change throughout the novel.    Nick carraway- Nick is the narrator of the book and says as his first impression that he is inclined to reserve all judgments”. This means that he thinks of himself as a non-judgemental person. Although I disagree as near the start […]

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